Our priority is to meet the highest standards in terms of finishing, durability and customer service. This concept is part of the philosophy of our brand itself. The “Made in China” is today a guarantee of high quality that contributes to this ambition.

The selection of materials and the assembling process guarantee a resistant product over time and the possibility to make your bag evolve at any moment.
We can also manufacture very small series that will allow us to use short-lived materials or that were originally intended for recycling.




Eternal material 1

Full Grain Leather
The area of the skin with the highest density of fibers, a resistant and soft material. Over time, the full-grain leather will be less rough and have a more homogeneous patina than other types of leather.
Color : Black, Nude, Yellow, Navy Blue, Gold, Ostrich Pattern


Eternal material 2

Synthetic – Printed Pattern
Easy usage and maintenance.
Color : Logo White, Logo Pink, Elephant Skin Pattern, Flower pattern, Silver, Nude


Internal material

60% Cotton, 40% Polyester
Color : Logo ELBA Pattern, Elephant Pattern, Diamond Pattern


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