Elba was born during a meeting between Dina Ding and Thierry de Baschmakoff, two designers who’ve known each other for several years and whose dream was to imagine a new generation of products.


Dina comes from fashion, Thierry from design, the association of the two gave birth to the “Elephant bag.” Imagine a pop-up bag that magically transforms into volume just by zipping.


The randomness of the shapes and research created a surprise as the bag, before assembly, resembled an elephant’s head, with the imagination of creative minds. But this figure did indeed appear naturally and became the symbol of the brand.


The brand’s name came about from this happy coincidence. And, as ELBA Concept has partially borrowed its name from the elephant, the brand considers the defence of these endangered species as a duty.


Ethics are at the centre of this adventure and the idea of the pop-up is based on making bags in every possible material, including scraps. It’s an Upcycling approach, making the brand evolutionary. The other benefit of this concept is that it doesn’t take up space, one of the major challenges leather goods are faced with.


As of now, the number of bags in collections or taken on trips is limitless. Elba is a new way of conceiving a basic wardrobe product with multi-faceted freedom.



Meet the Founders of ELBA Bag

Dina Ding

Founder & Brand Ambassador
International Brand Management Expert
Cross-Cultural Business Development Expert


Thierry de Baschmakoff

Artistic Director
Founder and artistic director of his design agency since 1985
Luxury brand Expert and Designer



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